I European Tourism Islands Convention

The space for collaboration and creation of opportunities, for drawing up joint projects and fostering a common tourism policy on the islands and archipelagos of Europe.

From 1 to 2 December 2022 - Gran Canaria

The Convention


- To foster a new European tourism policy.
To develop and foster a common policy for Europe’s tourism islands, based on the resolution of the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism.

- To draw up a joint plan of action.
So that more European funds are assigned to fighting against climate change and strengthening the “green transition”, the digital transition and tourism policies based on sustainability.

- To promote specific measures for the islands.
By means of working committees, specific proposals will be drafted on sustainability, digitalization and intelligence and innovation which benefit the different tourism islands.

Where and how

ExpoMeloneras • Gran Canaria
1 and 2 Dec. 2022

Guest islands

The main islands invited are:

  • Gozo island

  • Cyprus

  • Spanish islands: The Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands

  • Greek islands: Crete.

  • French islands: Corsica, Martinique, Guadalupe and Reunion.

  • Portuguese islands: Madeira and the Azores.

  • Italians islands: Sardinia and Sicily.

  • Croatian islands

  • German islands

  • Swedish islands

  • Danish islands

  • Norwegian islands

  • Estonian islands


We all have a great deal in common: tourism is a fundamental sector for our economy. And the impetus of joint strategic projects brings great political clout within the European Union.

The programme

If you are interested in finding out more about the programme of the European Tourism Islands Convention

Why a convention on tourism islands?

1. A new era

The recent economic crises, the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have been a salutary lesson for the EU and the world. A new era is beginning. Now is the time to progress and move forward together, towards the new horizon 2030. On a steady course set for the two great transitions of the tourism sector: the green transition, and the digital transition.

1. A new era
2. The relevance of tourism islands

2. The relevance of tourism islands

From the start of the pandemic, the European Commission and Parliament reflected the importance of tourism. In this sense, tourism islands are fundamental. And a common plan of action needs to be promoted, based on the criteria of the Glasgow Conference. For sustainable tourism, in line with the European Green Deal, the Digital Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

3. European-level projects

The I European Tourism Islands Convention is born as a result of the first agreement between islands and states. The goal is to join forces to create, develop and boost projects on a European scale, as part of the networks of Green Islands and Digital Islands. Relevant, cross-cutting initiatives that benefit the sector and the planet.

3. European-level projects

Dynamics of the Convention

The convention is structured on the basis of 4 work areas and different committees, in order to encourage discussion and consensus.


The experts in each subject make a presentation to set out the most important points to attendees.

Round table

After each presentation, the members of the corresponding committee will debate on the subject presented.


The coordinators of each committee collate the different contributions and proposals, and establish the conclusions of the debate.

Joint declaration

The committee members decide on a common plan of action for each of the subjects.

Conference Topics


European Green Islands in the face of Climate Change.


European Island and Digital Transition.


Data and People


European Transition Pathway for Tourism.


New European Tourism Policy.

Who takes part?

Any individuals, organizations and companies may take part who wish to help boost a common tourism policy for European islands which fosters sustainability and digitalization. There are three types of participants:

Experts and/or organizations selected by the convention, and who make the different presentations.
Members of the round table
Professionals appointed by the organizers who will discuss the subjects set forth in the presentations.
People interested in attending the convention as spectators. They may give their opinion or pose questions in the rounds designated for this purpose.

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